Friday, October 26, 2012

Train Safety

Members of the community came to the school to teach students the importance of train safety. Seth and Athena decided to make an animoto to commemorate the place trains have in Greenville's history, and remind us all to be safe around trains.


  1. chris this was created because we where leneing about train safety that weke fierfiters where here to tech use.

  2. They made this progect because we had a train saftey assembly in school. I really like this progect because it has alot of funny pictures wich makes it fun to watch.
    From River

  3. Seth and Athena that was great!!! I loved how you explained the safety of trains and what we should and shouldn't do with trains. I loved how you did this because some people came down to our school to teach us the importance about staying away from trains and train tracks.
    From: Ellie